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2020 was a good year for some, while difficult for others. It could however, have been better for everyone. Despite the difficulties of the year, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to become one of Sports first men to reach billionaire status.

How does he make his money?

Well first of all, from his pure talent. Secondly, in his 18 years as a football player, he’s made over $650million from football contracts alone and $400million from endorsements.

What does he spend it on?

On his billionaire life. That’s what. Top of the line cars, transportation – private jets, designer clothes and prime real estate.

He makes $64million with Juventus but also has a lifetime deal with Nike, along with Michael Jordan and LeBron James. He’s set for life…and so are his children.

What’s also just as important as how much he earns and what he spends it all on, is that he’s known for his charity. Ronaldo supports a number of children’s organisations and charities that work to provide healthcare.

If you had Cristiano Ronaldo’s Billionaire Life, what would you do with it?



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