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By Damilola Faustino

You spent hours and days checking different cover letter templates. Writing yours was not easy, but you managed to do it. After all this, you are left with only one thing to do: send the application. But, before you do that, it’s important to double-check a few things to make sure your cover letter is perfect. Here they are:

The Human Resource manager’s name

If you are addressing this application to an individual, make sure it is addressed to the right person. When you read cover letter samples, you will notice they all start with a salutation to the hiring manager. That’s important, because it makes your application focused and relevant. The person who reads it knows it’s addressed directly to them. But if you don’t have that information, you should simply address your letter with Dear Sir/Ma to be on the safe side.

Your contact information

It would be really bad for you to send a great application that gets the interest of the HR manager, but get the phone number or email address wrong. Make sure you get your address, phone number, email and all other contact information right.

Spelling and grammar

Since you are likely to type your cover letter, it may likely feature mistakes. So, do not forget to check your spelling and grammar.

The tone

Many job applicants make the mistake of making their cover letters too formal. You should not write in a completely formal way. You don’t want the HR manager to see you as flattery person. You want them to see you as a sincere and approachable candidate who would fit into the organisational culture. If you notice your tone is overly formal, you should make some changes before sending that application.

The Length

The widely held belief is that your cover letter must not be less than 500 words. However, this is too much for a cover letter. Hiring managers don’t have time or nerves to read application documents that look like essays. The unwritten rule is to aim for 250-300 words.

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