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By Damilola Faustino

You got the call or an email for an interview – congratulations! In the scheme of things, the hard part is behind you. Beyond this, you have to prepare for the interview and there are certain things you have to take along to have a smooth interview. Here are some of the things:

job interview

A pen

It might seem silly, but this could be the difference between appearing prepared and looking disorganized. Having your own pen says “I’ve thought ahead,” and that speaks volumes to a future employer.

Copies of your C.V.

Not every person has a C.V., and not every position needs one. But it never hurts to print out a copy for yourself and for each person you’re interviewing with. Also, you may want to bring along the soft copy of your C.V. on a flash drive or your phone.

A notepad

Having your own paper is like having your own pen. It’s all about being prepared and making you stand out in the hiring manager’s mind.


Think of a few questions you’d like to ask the interviewers about the position and write them down so you’ll remember to ask them. “How much does this position pay?” should not be on the list. Wait until the hiring manager brings it up.

Directions and contact information

If you have any doubt about whether you know how to get to the interview, print or write out directions. You don’t want to get lost, because getting lost could make you late, and being late could cost you the job.


There are a lot of things to remember, so be sure to keep them all in the same place. Putting all the papers listed above in one folder or briefcase will ensure that you won’t leave anything out by accident. Plus, you’ll look organized during the interview.


Think of three people who can vouch for your ability to do a great job in the position you’re interviewing for. These people should not be related to you. You should feel confident they will return a phone call from the hiring manager, and you should tell your references ahead of time that they might be contacted. Once you’ve thought of these people, type up their full name, phone number and their relationship to you. Print out this list and bring one copy for each person you are interviewing with.

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