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What ever happened to Nicolas Cage? *Wipes Tears*. What ever happened to the man who gave us Castor Troy the psychotic villain and Sean Archer the FBI hero in the same movie? (Face Off)

In fact before we continue whining and sobbing about his career let’s take a look at some of our favorite Nick Cage characters of all time.

  1. Castor Troy/Sean Archer


2.Memphis Raines- Gone In 60 Seconds


3. Cameron Poe- Con Air


4. Benjamin Gates- National Treasure


There are too many to even keep going. *Sob Sob* Nick Cage used to be the man, even when he played a gun dealing big shot in Lord Of War, the charm and thespian power was intact.

And then Ghost Rider happened. Don’t get us wrong oh, it is not that Ghost Rider killed his career or anything. Because to be fair the movie was not that so bad, (wait na…it wasn’t) and he made it somewhat likeable. However, the man we knew and loved for nailing the finest roles……..became a forgotten name who you only come across when you flip through scenes of unfamiliar movies on your friend’s hard drive, and decide to give the film a shot when you see Nick Cage starred in it. Eg Bad Lieutenant, Season Of The Witch.


This 2016, there are two Nicolas Cage movies that you need to see if you are a fellow lover of the Gone In 60 Seconds actor (Remember that jump with the Shelby GT?)

USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage

Nick Cage is seen in a serious looking role in the trailer for USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage.


A glimmer of hope you might say. Could this be a second chance for him to bag another Academy Award? Hold the thought, and then check out the next trailer… Army Of One. Sigh!!

Army of One


You see Russell Brand in the trailer claiming to be God, and Nick Cage acting like a goofball, and just as you are about to wave it off as some lame attempt at a Borat styled comedy, you find out the movie is based on a true life story, about a man sent to Pakistan to track down Osama Bin Laden.

Will any of these 2 movies help revive Nicolas Cage’s career, or hurt it even further? Check out the two trailers below and let us know what you think.

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