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To a certain extent, you control what you see on your timelines and feeds. So, when you find yourself feeling some type of way every time a certain person posts or pops up, it is your responsibility to do something about it. Curate the timeline/feed that serves you.

In essence, curating your timeline/feed means you select and determine who you follow, and what you see when you scroll through social media. There is so much content on social media and there is a need to ensure you are taking advantage of it the right way. Thankfully, we have block, unfollow and mute buttons, which help structure our experience. Thus, no one on your timeline/feed has to be permanent if you do not want him or her to be.

Firstly, you need to decide what you want from social media. Do you want uplifting messages and affirmations or just pure comedy? Do you want to interact with people you know or are you open to strangers? Obviously, it does not have to be just one thing but knowing what you want will help you curate your timeline and feed.

If social media is becoming overwhelming and you find yourself feeling down when you open these apps, for whatever reason, then you need to switch things up. Whenever you are tired of seeing certain news, mute the words or phrases to limit the amount of times they appear on your timeline. If you dislike someone you follow, especially a stranger, unfollow him or her. It really should not be a big deal. It is just the realisation that you do not want to keep seeing their posts or opinions.

Once you let go of the people and content you do not want, search for what you want. Using key words or going through similar accounts to what you fancy can make the search easier. This is the next stage in curating your timeline and feed.

Sometimes, people shy away from unfollowing others mainly because of how the other person would feel. However, it is your timeline and if they are putting out content that does not align with your values, sense of humour, interests, opinions or content that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should prioritise your experience.

Your social media experience is what you make of it. You have control over who you follow and what you interact with.

By: Oshoriame

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