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Partying all night, letting everything loose and dancing away until the wee hours of the night can result in a serious hangover. You may have a serious headache, be unable to sleep and feel grumpy. Well, if you and your friends are partying tonight and may probably experience a hangover, we roll out quick ways you can deal with a hangover:

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Have a healthy breakfast
What many people tend to do is skip breakfast in order to get over a hangover. But, know that having a nice simple breakfast can help you to get over your hangover quickly.


Experiencing a party hangover means that your body is dehydrated. You have replaced water with alcohol. So, the first thing you should do is to drink plenty of water. However, if you want to prevent a hangover, you should drink lots of water before downing alcohol or you should drink a glass of water after every bottle of alcohol. This will surely give you no hangovers the next day.



The tendency for everyone who is suffering from a hangover is to go straight to bed after the fun night. When you wake, your head will be pounding as if you were hit with a log. You should exercise before sleeping. We are not talking about strenuous exercise but a light one. Taking short walks for 2 to 5 minutes can help.

eat bananas

Eat Bananas

Banana has so many nutrients. One of such is potassium which is awesome for curing a hangover. You can eat several peels of Banana or take Banana Smoothie before you sleep or pass out. It will help you recover quickly.

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Honey can be used to cure hangover. You can either use it with bananas or you mix it in warm water and lemon.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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