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Daddy Freeze thinks Desmond Elliot’s now-famous video where he prayed that the government ban foreign movies for home movies to grow was out of place.

The On-Air personality made this known via his Instagram page on Monday, July 22, 2019, where he reacted to the video which has now become viral. According to him, anyone should be free to watch whatever they feel like watching.

“Dear Brother Desmond, I love you, but I’m not with you on this. I should be able to choose what I want to watch if I’m paying for it, shouldn’t I? Why don’t you strive to raise Nollywood to Hollywood standards and then people will gravitate towards Nollywood naturally?” he wrote.


Daddy Freeze’s reaction is coming less than 24 hours after Desmond Elliot had said during an interview with HIP TV that the government should place a ban on Hollywood.While answering questions on HIP TV, the actor turned politician revealed that the government should support the Nollywood industry by making it difficult for foreign movies to come into the country.

“They need to consciously build the industry, treat it like you are importing rice. So you ban all foreign content, make it difficult for foreign content to come in so, your local content can grow and then you need to support,” he said.

However, Desmond Elliot’s comments wasn’t taken likely as he was dragged on social media for insisting that the government should ban foreign movies content.

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