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The President/Chief Executive of Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote has stated categorically that, his alignment with the resolution of the FG to sell national assets to revitalize the economy and stabilize the naira exchange rate which has been on an escalated rate for some time does not translate to an interest in the purchase of the National assets that are put on sale.

He reiterated that he has no interest in purchasing LNLG or any other National assets even if they are offered to him.

THISDAY reports that, the multi-millionaire stated in the interview that, he is a patriotic Nigerian who seeks the good of the country and does not see the use in keeping our non-producing assets when they can be sold to grow our forex reserves and attract foreign investors.

The business mogul did not fail to show his disapproval of the idea of borrowing to fund the economy. He is of the view that Nigeria does not have enough collateral right now to fund a loan. And the country requires about $15 billion to jumpstart its economy which can be majorly acquired from sale of dormant assets.

He stated that the suggestion is not for the FG to sell its assets but for the FG to sell its dormant assets. The sale will ease borrowing, he says.

He is of the view that the International oil Companies (IOCs) would be willingly to purchase these national assets, so the question of availability of an immediate market for the national assets would not arise. Dangote’s position has been affirmed by the recent news that the oil multinationals will seek to exercise their pre emptive rights to the oil and gas assets that are put up for sale in line with their agreement with the FG.

While speaking on the current exchange rate of naira to dollar, Dangote stated that the present value of the naira to dollar and the rate at which the currency is fluctuating is unrealistic which is why the FG needs to take a decision and make its move quickly to remedy the situation.


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