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Smart casual, what’s that? In order to be able to follow a dress code, you need to understand what it means.

To be smart casual means: dress but don’t be dressy! In other words, if there were a scale, and casual was on one side whilst smart was on the other, aim for the centre. (Duuh)


One common mistake that people make with this dress code is that they see the smart and ignore the casual, and vice versa. We all know how we look at those ladies who show up on long haul flights with their stilettos looking like they mixed up the plane runway with a fashion one! Yep, that’s the same way people look at you when you show up at an event overdressed! On the other hand, you also don’t want to show up under dressed. When dressing for a smart casual event, wearing jeans, sneakers or athleisure can sometimes come across as frumpy and too casual.


The simple way to take on a smart causal look is with Accessories. If you feel like you are dressed down, then layering necklaces or bracelets might be just what you need. There’s no need to break the bank to buy 5 necklaces in the name of fashion. Asos and many other Low-ish budget stores and brands are here for that.


Jeans are not totally of limits. Many brands like Jonathan Simkhai and a cheaper alternative; Zara, have strayed away from the basic straight leg jeans. They are always experimenting with new stylish cuts and designs, which are definitely not “frumpy and casual”.

Aside from jeans, straight leg or flared trousers are always a simple and stylish option that can be dressed up easily.


Use this roulette guide below to get outfit inspiration:


Hope these tips helped you…

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