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By Oludara Ogunbowale

Oludara OgunbowaleSince ‘Accolades’ is the trending word now, all mothers deserve some accolades! The celebration of the International Mothers’ day this past week was quite huge and rightly so. All mothers truly deserve to be honored and being a mom is noble. I am certain a mother’s love is unquantifiable, indescribable, invaluable and timeless.

Note that conceiving and bringing forth children is not the only qualification for being a mother. Mothers are not only those who conceive and bring forth children, they are women who are selfless and care enough to make life worth living for others.

I once had to repeat S.S.2 because my math scores were really bad and I had to seat in same class as my juniors at the time. It was one of the most terrible times of my life. My father froze my hostel allowance accounts and I got no provisions whatsoever. I knew all the subjects and topics I was re-learning and I would just cry at every lesson. One day, my mom appeared at school without my knowledge and she brought me so much more goodies than I never had even when I performed so well! It blew my mind and I began crying and she told me this. “You are not the first person to fail and you would not be the last. What happens to you after you fail is more important. Now show all of us that you got this!” That was the beginning of my many firsts.

My friend, Bee had a very tough time getting his first degree. He had to teach privately, children in various homes to get by with his upkeep allowance until his second year when his friend’s mother stepped in and paid his fees up until graduation! Bee is doing quite well for himself now and he usually refers in gratitude to his friend’s mother.

mothers day

At every point in my life, I have been surrounded by women who hold leadership positions. Some of them have been very strict, some have been liberal and others have been a blend of both. One thing is sure – all of them definitely have depth; depth of love, passion, the will to make impact and the skill to change lives. All of those women wake up every day living beyond themselves and taking the care to nurture people whose lives have been committed into their hands directly or indirectly.

With my experience and knowledge of these things, I know mothers are not people who don’t have challenges, fears or doubts, only that they also have hearts that care. They teach, encourage and challenge you to see the world as a better place and to be the best version of yourself.

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