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By Oludara Ogunbowale

Oludara OgunbowaleIf you listened to a Valedictory speech delivered by Ibukun Awosika recently, you must have seen and felt the seriousness of being with like minded people.

Having people who share your values and whom you connect with on certain matters that are very important to you is amazing! On the other hand, knowing that some people would never be on your wave length and would just never agree with you on just anything, is a given.

Taju, Your neighbour thinks there is no God and does not think flowers are beautiful. He does not even remember the day he was born because he does not think it is important to celebrate birthdays! You are his colleague and you are like ‘whaaaaaaat!!???’ Your sister, who is your bestie believes the opposite of these things and you do too. Well, you had the same upbringing.

Doing things right is big on your values. In fact, it is number one on your list and your new found friend, Clara, believes ‘Things are not that deep’ and it does not matter if you just nibble on those not –so-bad things, after all, no one is perfect! This No one is perfect phrase has left many of us growing in our weaknesses and excusing taking responsibility for our failings. But that is talk for another day.

Today marks the post humus birthday of Michael Jackson. He would have been sixty today! Despite the fact that he was a pop artiste and his songs, inspirational and engaging, some of my other friends would rather listen to how Lil Wayne’s raps. I don’t care about rap but when my friends and I are around each other, I respect their love for rap even if I don’t get it. I mean, it’s just song. It is not that deep!

michael jackson and lil wayne

Because life is full of a lot of unique Individuals with personalities whose beliefs, likes, priorities and perspectives are different, there are going to be situations that would make people fly off the handle with each other. And it is not necessarily a bad thing or a good thing. It is just a sign that there are differing positions at that point.

The question is when do I know when to seek to understand the other person or move away from the other person? I would say seek to Understand Taju and run away from Clara.

Staying and moving with people with opposite core values that you are particular about, and not drawing a fine line between those who make you question what your core values are, may bring damage to your sense of self later on when you get into trouble.

On the other hand, running away from and avoiding everyone who disagrees with you is a sign of emotional immaturity. Because it may prevent you from learning from the richness that comes with the diversity among individuals or groups of people. Mind you, having this kind of exposure with all kinds of people could make your outlook on life very broad and full of wisdom.

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