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By Oludara Ogunbowale

This title may actually have reminded you of one of those very popular old-school songs and that’s okay because that is going to start this conversation. Yeah!

happy face

Each one of us has dreams, hopes, fears, needs and things we want desperately and it seems like no matter how hard we try, we just can’t run away from the truth that these things are endless.

Working hard is a thing with us, we seek validation and acquire so many things to fulfil our dreams. When dreams are fulfilled, more dreams are birthed by our continuous longing for a better life, better status and better social circles. But hey, we would always have needs because they never run out. Only the face of our needs changes. Sure we remember Abraham Maslow on this one.

More Often than not, our fears do not come to pass and the time and energy invested in our maybes and maybe nots could be used to build castles if we were manual labourers!

We won’t get everything we want, never! Going back in time is not possible so forget that girl or guy you should have had that is now married. You dream about being in the White House 15 years from now, and you get so focused on that dream that you let 15 years pass you by; ignoring beautiful things and people that surround you on your way there. Your dreams are Valid but who knows if you would be alive then. Let me not play Devil’s Advocate.

I understand that Life could be tough and we try to kick Life in the face in trying to control the things we wish for. This is good but we would not be kicking the rest of our lives.

This struck me a few years ago when I decided that no matter what happens I am still going to stay happy and it also reminds me of a friend and colleague, Ego, who is up and about and always smiles at her desk.

ego happy face


She once told me “Everything is not alright oh! But you have to always smile to encourage people, you know.” That response blew my mind and I thought it was such a selfless thing to say.

Life most times does turn out exactly the way we want it to, Many times, less than we expect, other times, more than we expect and just a few times, as we expect.

However it turns out, we would not determine the quality of our lives by what it gives us but would stay happy despite what it presents.

We will make Lemonades!

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