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By Oludara Ogunbowale

Oludara OgunbowaleI don’t know who came up with graduation ceremonies for primary school pupils, but I sure felt funny wearing that graduation gown back in the day! But the gown is not the only thing I remember; being on the graduands’ queue and taking turns while holding the mic and telling all present that I was going to be a medical doctor is another of my childhood memories I won’t forget. Medical doctor? What on earth was I thinking? Please ask all those who fell out during the first time seeing a line-up of cadaver!

Becoming what we have dreamed of is harder than the proclamation of it. I think I just said ‘Medical doctor’ because it seemed prestigious at the time. A lot of us wanted to become Lawyers, Nurses, Bankers, Aeronautic engineers (This one sounded like gold back then. Lol) Chattered Accountants, and… add yours to the list.

Medical Doctor was on my mind for three more years. In J.S.S.3, I had my Eureka moment and knew without any doubts that I would build a career in Communications.  My journey in discovering the niche for me would be a story for another time.

Getting into Senior Secondary School, I was so happy taking subjects like Government, Literature etc. I looked at the students in the sciences with pitiful eyes most of the time because I could just not wrap my head around Chemistry and all the chemical compounds. The only Chemistry I knew was the one between Ladiku and Sidi in The Lion and the Jewel. I was too happy to ace those kind of subjects and I was sure that going through my field would be a walk in the park because it was what I had the natural flair for. Even if the goal is highly rewarding, the journey shows you that life has a way of questioning what you want to become and who you are. Having learnt these, I know for sure that I was wrong about the walk in the park.

inner city

Pupils of Innercity Mission School at their graduation

The authenticity of your passion will be tested.

When you can hold on even during times that external indicators make you doubt, If you still hear the voice of providence saying to you ‘You are on the right path’ and everyone around you thinks you are crazy but you, naturally, your dreams will be loyal to you only if you have earned its trust. It will shake you to your foundations so that at the end of the day, if you are still with it, it will be with you and take you higher, if you keep watering it by hard work.

You might lose really ‘good’ relationships

…Because your dreams might take you through that rough path; the narrow and lonely road. Only friends who matter and who see far ahead like you do, may stay on that journey with you. Those whom you thought would walk with you may actually not and this would hurt so badly. But your journey would definitely bring like-minds your way. So you actually lose good friends for better friends – which is better anyway.

You will invest a lot

A lot of financial seeds, social wealth, and physical energy, mental and emotional energy will go into bringing your imaginations and dreams into fruition. So get on board and invest abundantly because the rewards are astromical!

Humility you would not do without

It does not matter how knowledgeable or rich you are, there are some grounds you would not cover if you do not learn to stoop to conquer.

So like I said, dream big, but don’t expect everything to fall on your laps. There will be hurdles, but that is why you have your whole life to prepare for them.

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