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By Oludara Ogunbowale

happy coupleSome days are filled with laughter

You are so certain about the Morning after

Confidence and esteem are your apparel

Not because you are not cruel

But the knowledge that who you are

Is a function of whose you are

Basking in the euphoria of fellowship

Blind to the danger of the new titanic ship


Suddenly, the morning afterrelationship

Filled with uncertainty you wonder

Exactly what went asunder?

And you can’t seem to put things together

All you feel is gloom

Whose presence fills your room

You cry “I want to die”

Wait a minute you ask why?


muslim prayers almost disruptedJoy is found not in the perfection of things

But in the knowledge of deep truths that ring

In your heart for the hope and satisfaction they bring

Your satisfaction may become too satisfying

That you long for another

And stray away from the presence of your maker

Raising your hopes for higher

Only to be dashed by Emeka

You then find your way back to your maker

Because you know that only in Him

You find you

N.B This poem is for everyone who loved, gave all, but were paid in a different coin. The truth here is only GOD can shower on us deep love that satisfies our souls, we are not to expect it from human beings because of the fallen nature of man. This is not to discredit the fact that real love exists, but always find God. In God, and through God, you have all you need and your desires are met I’ve been there, and I rose again. You will too.

Love, Dara

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