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By Oludara Ogunbowale

dara's page I had been looking forward to the Easter holidays since January. Work and personal schedules from January had been as hectic as Lagos Traffic on a Monday morning! So when the holidays were approaching I was too happy.

Firstly because two of my classmates at one of my Alma maters were getting married, secondly because I would see my then classmates again and finally I would have some me time.

Alas! Good Friday was never mine as I had to be at the Gidi Culture Festival in Lagos to work and then on Saturday, the weddings.

Despite the fact that I was tired, I visited the salon very early, fixed my hair, got dressed and boarded a cab right to the venue and it was totally worth it.

As I expected, there were a few oohs, aaaahs, hellos and wows from seeing many known faces and the joy that filled the air as Khadijah danced with her husband to the Couple’s court through the fairly long isle.

My other friends were really happy and all bubbly because one of us had found her ‘missing rib’ and just after we danced with her to the couple’s court, My afin (Light in complexion) friend, Moji (as I call her) told us we had to be on our way to the next wedding.

What a day! We jumped in her car and off she drove to the Island so that we could attend Gbemi’s wedding. We had to be in both places biko. Thanks to Lolade, my Miss ride or die, our iya meto, sacrificial, kind and blunt all at the same time, who ensured we had to be there. Who would not want to?  After pains of heartbreaks, finding love these days really had to be celebrated.

dara's page

Our journey was fun. We went back memory lane and talked about everything related to weddings; good and bad relationships, Yoruba demons, waiting for the right one and reckless drivers on Lagos roads.

Moji was all shades of badass driver and Lolade, philosophical. Tosin, our married friend talked about how she would love to buy fresh fish to take home… Hmm. Tosin cooked lovely fresh fish stews back in our UNILAG days. I did not think she would still like fresh Fish!

We got to the venue for Gbemi’s wedding and sadly, wedding reception had ended but we still made it. We took pictures with the couple, congratulated them, met some other classmates and oh my, gossiped a little!

Evening was near, we had to be on our way. No sooner had we got to the Lekki toll gate than we got accosted by a man who said we hit his car. Moji was dumbfounded. I mean we were close, but not close enough to hit or even scratch. Right there, the apparent owner of the car, an elderly woman alighted and started speaking English to us. But one of her statements that got to me was when she said, she “worked for her own money and did not prostitute to buy her car!” What? My chest! Lolade our Iya meto calmed the situation but it got me thinking…

Shaming of women by women! Young women can’t even own decent cars or property without other people thinking they got it by other means! To think this was said by another woman made the insult even worse. Such a sorry case!

In all, the holidays were refreshing. Seeing my peeps again was. I thought to sleep, read and meditate on Easter Monday only to be reminded by a ‘well-meaning’ person of how ‘pretty’ I am and why am I still single? Adding an advice of “Don’t be too choosy” and “I am praying for you!” Are we at this again?

What a holiday!

Share your Easter experience with me below.

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