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heart breakApparently, Teju had known all along that he had a severe case of Erectile dysfunction!

What kind of man was he?! Everything now made sense. No wonder he shunned every sex conversation they could have had.

Tade was no longer sure about what she felt for him; pity, hatred, compassion and disgust all at the same time. She wondered if his mother knew about the situation? Most mothers would have begun asking ‘how far?’ But Teju’s mom always told her the most important thing was being in her husband’s house.  Everything now made sense. If she had been a house wife, she probably would have committed suicide or would have ended up at Yaba Left. Yaba left seemed like the more probable one!

Her parents, especially her mom had been praying and had teasingly asked about her imaginary twins to which she usually answered “They are in heaven and they are coming.”

They had tried everything possible for that period and she was no longer having it. She had finally told her beloved friends, to their utmost shock, about what she had been going through. She had just called her mother-in-love like she had always referred to her. She had to tell it all. She’d had just enough.


Teju’s mother had scheduled another meeting with the three of them. She had never envisaged her life like this. After the first month of their marriage, just when she had known the truth, she had battled with being a divorcee at such an early age or being there for her man through thick and thin even if he was a disgusting liar!

Since she had begun her career journey after school at 21, she was so thankful for the first time, that her job had been a very hectic one. It was some healthy distraction for her even though her performance levels had dropped.


What had she just heard?! No… No… No! Mama Teju had just dropped the bomb shell. Tade was expected to go in with Bade, her brother-in-law so she could get pregnant and also to end her endless yearning of a man’s touch!

Mama Teju instantly became a mother-out-law to Tade! To think that she had felt sorry for Teju! He had stood there nodding his head shamefacedly begging her to do it.

“Do what exactly?!” She had screamed, cried and driven back to her house. This hit her like an uppercut! The die was cast! It was time to tell her parents everything. Before the end of the day, her parents had come to her home. Mama Tade crying along with Tade, helped her daughter pack out of her matrimonial home.

Mama Tade had advised her daughter not to ever consent to such evil; evil that Mama Teju had termed ‘It would be our family secret.’ Her daughter was neither a secret maker nor a slut. Mama Tade had not cared what the association of Virtuous women would say when they found out her daughter was no longer in her matrimonial home.


It was six months after her marriage had ended. It had been the toughest transition of her life. She had spent five months in her parents’ home where she wished she could rewind and re-write things.

It had been two weeks in her own space; different from her parents’ or former matrimonial home’. It was smaller but more beautiful. Everyone at work may have noticed she no longer wore her wedding ring. Her divorce was taking longer than expected but she had signed and thankfully, Teju had signed too. There was no longer any trust between them and It was all for the better. The final hearing would be the dissolution of their marriage. She had begun noticing all the great guys around her, only that her heart was still in bandages. Her trust walk was only just beginning.

It was time to re-build; aspects of her walk with God and also other plans she had always had in her old diary. Just maybe, providence would smile on her.

By Oludara Ogunbowale

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