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sabrina dowhre and idris elba photo by vogueThis was her dream man! He had just everything she had ever prayed for and wanted. Jeez!

The sweetest part was that he loved and wanted her as much as she wanted him, maybe even more. She blessed that day her mother practically begged her to help her get bread.

To think that she had grudgingly gone to Shoprite to get that very hot bread. Shoprite bread was her mother’s favourite. It baffled her that her mother would ask her to drive about 7 kilometers from their house just for one Shoprite bread. Weren’t there many Agege bread sellers around? Tade had been infuriated, but she never knew that it was the time to not only get mommy her bread but also, the time to get herself a veeeeery hot guy!

Teju was not just a TDH (Tall, Dark and Handsome), he was also from a seemingly well-to-do and educated family. He worked really hard, earned substantially enough to start a new family, and was very caring.

Seeing him counsel teenagers and encouraging them to be all that they intended to be was mind blowing. Tade could not wait to get married to Teju, have children with him and build their home.

The most interesting part was going to be the sex. Ooh la la. She was a virgin at 24 and Tade was so thankful that she’d waited for her Mr. Right. She had rejected offers from about fourteen guys in the last six years. She was cer†ain, well, almost certain that Teju was the one.

Though She had not prayed about it like she had about the others, neither did she scrutinize Teju like the others, she knew Teju was too good to be true.  But Teju was actually real.

Like she had hoped, Teju, with the help of her great friends, Lara and Funmi, had organized the best proposal ever, just by the beach, the way she had always dreamt it should be. Her mum had asked her if she was an omo omi (mermaid) and had laughed at her beach idea. But it was just her idea and she could hardly place where it had surfaced from.

She had cried her eyes out and screamed a big YES.

proposal 1

Mama Tade had been joyous, as it was evident in the way she had talked, planning and beaming when her would-be in-laws came to their home for the introduction.

Her father was proud. Life was good and very sweet. The Almighty certainly smiled on her for all that had been unfolding right before her eyes.

Her wedding gown was by Vera Wang. Her mother had made sure of that. She enjoyed all the planning she had to do with her event planner and she was beyond ecstatic, not just because the preparations were going on perfectly, but because of how Teju had told her countless times with juicy words and expensive gifts, of how he was lucky to have her.

Even though she wondered why Teju was not like the other guys who would have been visibly sexually tempted by their relationship, she had respected his high level of self-control. His profession of faith must be really genuine. He had said talking about sex before marriage was unholy and that they would have all the time to talk about that after the wedding. Oh God! He was such a God-pleaser.

The wedding picture stared at her back in the face. She had been too ignorant. Maybe even foolish. He had known all along and never told her.

Their marriage was false. She had been in that house, as beautiful as it looked and as enviable as things may seem from the outside. She was now 26 going on 27 and she was still a married virgin. Her mind raced and she was going crazy…

By Oludara Ogunbowale

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