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By Oludara Ogunbowale

Oludara OgunbowaleI got home from work on the 1st of November, 2018 and I noticed my father was really elated; his countenance was so upbeat that I had to ask, “Daddy, Is there any good news you are not sharing? Why are you so happy?”

His response: “Today, marks the 35th year anniversary of the first day I met your mom. I met your mother on the 1st day of November 1983 when I went looking for Deji, my friend…”

Believe me, I have heard that story more than twenty times, but that day was quite different. While my mom was busy smiling, blushing and counting her money on one side of the living room, I smiled to myself, because of my understanding of what they both felt; the joy of having made the right decision!

I don’t think there is a middle ground with things we remember; It is either they are extremely good or extremely bad. When we remember the bad, we shiver at the thoughts of them and even re-open the wound that these bad events may have caused us. We tell ourselves ‘May that never happen again’ ‘May I never do that again.’ But when we remember the day we won a lottery, or the day that we were victorious over something that proved to be so challenging, we can recount the story as many times to as many people as we can.

I remember the day I lost my cousins in back in April 2012 and August 2013 – May those days forever be blank! I remember the day that my once-upon-a-time best friend became a stranger who said to me ‘I lost the spark!’ I cannot remember that date because I have chosen to forget it. The day I repeated a class to seat in same class as my juniors; the day my closest colleague defrauded me!

But again, I vividly remember my first crush and how he came back after four years to ask me out in Secondary school… Lol. My very many ‘Best in this and that’ awards back in school. My very amazing friends’ weddings….Graduation after Graduation, Milestones…

“But again, I vividly remember my first crush and how he came back after four years to ask me out in Secondary school…”

I remember the Black Sunday in 2002; the different increase in fuel prices and every protest after; Bell View and Sosoliso 0f 2005; Dana of 2012; Insurgents’ first bomb attack mistaken to be a distraction tactic of the opposition; death of Naija sages; Dora, the stallion; Gani, the voice of the masses! If I were to remember the snake that is Madam Philomena’s friend, this list would be as long as that snake!

The wins of the Super Eagles; the reign of Babatunde Raji Fashola; the rise of many ‘first Nigerians to do…or to be….’ even in diaspora! I remember the release of quite a number of the Chibok girls; the wedding of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan – I know, I am a romantic, sorry, I can’t help it.

Even though I look forward to more great things to remember, I know that life is a trajectory of ups and downs. That is life’s map.

We must celebrate those things that significantly indicate our growth, happiness and successes; as well as those things that make us cringe, oops! We must learn from them, and maybe, fail to remember them.

So what do you remember?

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