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By Oludara Ogunbowale

“Children of nowadays, they do not like to stick it out and fight when challenging times come. They are so impatient and do not have the fruit of Longsuffering! They think everything is Bread and Butter.” I have heard a lot of elderly ones say this countlessly and it always gets me thinking. Maybe we are a very fast paced generation – not only with the advent of the new technological innovations that have improved and somewhat changed some part of our culture as youths and our ways of doing things but also, in our seeming low levels of perseverance for things we do not like.

young people

How did we get here? Well, these repetitious claims may be true but I know that whatever this is, is not entirely bad. We are just a bunch of young people who know what we want, how to get it, what not to do in order to get it, situations and people not to tolerate that would delay our getting there, and also, we lack patience for gibberish!

This is me taking the side of our generation and knowing that everything about standing up for rights, exposing domestic violence, saying ‘enough’  on our placards on the streets, tweeting in unison something that is of societal concern and many more are not about having low levels of perseverance for challenges. I think these issues are not to be referred to as ‘challenges’ because ‘challenges’ go away and may just be an underrated word for ‘evil’.

Our generation has been given very good and highly placed opportunities to be educated at the best of schools and also, interact with cultures of different countries of the world and so evil societal norms go beyond what we are used to or what our predecessors were able to take in and tolerate to what is right, what is dignifying and what is universally correct or true.

young people

I know there are standards for what should be and these standards are very relative from country to country, industry to industry and person to person but one thing I know is anything that erodes or demeans the peace of mind and dignity of any human being should not be referred to as ‘Challenging’ but  inhuman. The reason youths should not be told to tolerate social ills or injustice done to them.

In as much as I say that so many of these things not be tolerated, the fine line between things that can disturb the peace of mind and things that can be negotiated should be drawn and emphasized. Most importantly, personal thresholds must be decided so as to know for sure one’s level of acceptance for what’s not, what is and what should be.

Photo credit: KMC Mag Group, Diversity Inc

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