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By Oludara Ogunbowale

Oludara OgunbowaleRecently, I watched a video of one of the famous Rappers say something about how Africans should take responsibility for how they were taken into slavery. And although I do not think this statement was made from a holistic knowledge of the slave trade era, I interpreted that the rapper may have meant that Captors would not have had a field day, had community leaders not sold out their own people for selfish gains!

I am not about to delve into that right now but when things go wrong around us, it usually is everyone’s fault but ours.

First, it is the fault of our leaders that Nigeria is the way it is now; then it is the fault of parents when they don’t have money to fund our education in the best schools around. There’s also the one where we are negligent in our duties because we were not brought up to toughen it out. So it is now our parents’ fault that they tried to take care of us in the best way they knew how to.

I do not wish to take the tone of an instructor but hey! We are humans and would err at times in our lives and this is bound to happen. If we deserve some accolades, we might as well deserve some disapproval when we do wrong. The thing about being blamed or disapproved of for something is that it slights our Ego at the very least and it gives others the impression that we are incompetent or Lazy and we know we are so not lazy!


The good thing about being blamed is that if we interpret it correctly, we would sieve the chaff away from substance, we use the substance and we throw behind us that which is chaff – The chaff that does not concern us. The Chaff that is not ours to own.

Ironically, the substance taken may actually have lessons in there which would help you become better and also, help people in your sphere of Influence become better.

Becoming bitter when you are blamed for something actually validates the reason you were blamed in the first place no matter how you try to explain it. Being able to stand tall and objectively separate the constructive criticisms from the destructive ones makes you a respectable and enviable individual.

I know that most of us young people are trying our best to be the best version of ourselves and when we are on that path, it sometimes feels as though we are not doing well enough.
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That is not so. It is only part of the process. In fact, be thankful that you have a lot of that’s not good enough and you are not as good as XXX.  If you interpret these correctly, you might well be on your way to being the First, the Best and maybe the Only.

Don’t be tired, Keep Pushing.

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