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By Oludara Ogunbowale

Oludara Ogunbowale

Oludara Ogunbowale

I am a woman and I love being a woman. Not only does this make me proud, it also makes me recognize that I was specially formed; I mean the way I look, the way I think and basically the way I am.

This expression of what I feel for myself is not as holistic as Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman describes it and I think you should read that poem.

A lot of campaigns are flying about to celebrate the International Women’s day on March 8. There are #PressForProgress, Time’s Up, Time is Now and maybe a few more that I have no idea about. But I’ll take a moment to explain the significance of this day. The International women’s day is more about the memorial of women’s struggles for centuries and a day for bringing to the fore, the global movement for equality.

Being Courageous is a huge virtue, so I acknowledge all women who have in one way or the other fought for the opportunities that women now have. It is not easy to stand for something you deeply believe in even when you know that there are no chances of winning and no support from family and society.

Even though there is a lot of improvement in the opportunities that women have now, than a hundred years ago, there is still a lot to do. Only that fighting for rights may not make us achieve as much as we should if we do not tackle root issues first. When I say root issues, I mean low self-esteem, a lack of ambition and adapting to society’s expectations.

There is a proverb in my dialect that is translated ‘How you display your wares is how people would also help you market it.’ This means whatever you say you are is what people would refer to you as. No one can give you rights if they never took it! Just like the Americans told Britain, they had no rights over them and took their independence by force by first believing in the strength of their nation.

Women have to first love themselves. We have to support one another and achieve great feats not even thinking that anyone can stop us because they really cannot.

Before we think about what the world gives us or allows us to do, we must feed our inside, understand who we are, rise above our fears and deeply seated insecurities, and then face all challenges with absolute resolve and then see who can stop us.

I believe in the strength and beauty of all women and I also believe that we have much power to achieve the society that we want by first starting with ourselves!

So when you say you are a woman, know you are powerful, strong, capable, beautiful and that nothing is out of reach for you; and don’t just say these things, believe them.

Happy Women’s day…Keep loving yourself, keep reaching higher.

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