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By Oludara Ogunbowale

Oludara OgunbowaleI am not going to quote scientists or researchers but there’s a saying about the fact that where we work can make or mar our psyche, or how we spend so-and-so number of hours with colleagues more than we do with our families, can make us develop deeper relationship with colleagues. Fact is that workplaces provide us with the money and relationships we need and ultimately, satisfaction that comes from doing what we love to do and making our own contributions to the society or economy at large.

Unfortunately, not everyone can relate to these things because some people are not even getting well-paid, have made really bad relationships from work, or are not even satisfied with work because to them, it is simply just what it is – ‘work’ and that’s all. Sometimes work-place could be your destination, it could be a journey to your destination or it could even be both. Apart from procedures, the computers and papers, every employee would always deal with people. Did I read your mind that people are the toughest?

Whether where you are is your final bus stop or not, there are things to avoid in your relationships with colleagues.

Treat every colleague with respect

When it is the first time in an office and the ambience is so warm and new colleagues are friendly, there is that tendency to start mapping out your clique. Having your own circle of friends in the workplace may be quite cool as one cannot have the same depth of friendship with everyone, but you need to do this with tact and professionalism. Try as much as possible not to act partially towards anyone. I.e Avoid disrespecting some people while you respect others. It does not reflect well on who you are.

Avoid Gossiping

Naturally, it is advisable not to talk about someone else to someone else. It breeds mistrust among colleagues and also makes the subject of any gossip insecure. Besides, word always gets out so forget that you think your recipient will keep your secret. Avoid entertaining negative gist about anyone around you and try to make excuses for others when you are being told what ‘terrible person’ they are. Trust me, even the person telling you these things is a suspect. Do not be deceived.

Office romance

Think very deeply about hooking up with a colleague

I know a lot of people have got married from their relationships at work. Yes, but that one na ‘marriage.’ You don’t want everyone in the office clearing throat when you walk in because of the things they know that you thought was privy to your ‘hook-up partner;’ your next-table colleague may just be the wife to your next employer and she may ruin chances for you, not because you are not qualified, but because she is insecure from what she knows about you. True life story!

Do your best and Never Despise your boss

You are getting paid whether you love the figures or not. Give it your best while you are at it, no matter how ill-treated you have been by your boss. The truth is you are going to need their recommendation one day and you do not want to be at the losing end because it is their word against yours. If you have crossed your threshold forbearing every ill treatment, then you may leave honourably.

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