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The importance of money cannot be overstated in any relationship. It buys everything that makes dating exciting and fascinating. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should own a vault filled with money but at least you should have a steady source of income to provide the basic things.

According to a research by creditdonkey, both men (84.6%) and women (83.4%) agree that money can make or break a relationship.

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This said, what happens if you date someone who does not work or have a steady source of income? It may be a guy or lady who is still in university or someone who just lost their job.

It can be a huge burden on whoever is carrying that responsibility especially if you do not earn enough for two.

This means that the other person is not bringing anything to the table.

For example, when you go on a date, you will be the one to pay, when it is your birthday, the excuse for not getting you gifts is that he or she is not working. And this can sometimes be annoying. But you find it difficult to leave because you are so much in love him or her.

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It is even worse if it is the guy who is not working or doesn’t have a source of income. Pretty soon, the girl will become frustrated and quit the relationship especially if he is not making efforts to get something to do. He simply relies on you to survive. Certainly, it will result in low self-esteem and inferiority on his part and the day you get angry and refuse to give him money, he may result to violence or say something nasty.

She is even nice that she took care of you in your time of need. Some ladies will not even look at your face if you do not work. They will ask na love we go chop?

The only exception is that regardless of the fact that the person does not earn money, he/she spends reasonably and intends to work in the near future. So, it goes both ways.

Some guys do not mind dating women who do not work while others actually mind. However, the best is that both of you should be financially independent because you will not load each other with your wants and needs.

Despite this, I have heard that even if ladies earn the whole world, they will still demand from their boyfriends. This is not bad as far as he knows that you are financially independent.

So would you date a broke guy?

Written By Damilola Faustino

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