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I’m sure most of you all are wondering who on earth are these people- well Black M is one of the big names on the French rap scene, with hit songs like ‘Sur Ma route’ , ‘Jessica’ and featured on club banger WatiBigali (You know what? Just hop on YouTube already). Dany Synthé on the other hand is your dream producer, responsible for producing club bangers like Maître Gims ‘Sapés comme Jamais’ (Yes, Google is your friend). Davido and the two might have something on the way.


Yesterday Davido who is currently in Paris posted a video of him in the studio with the Producer and artist on his snap chat. Moments later on instagram, Synthé also posts an Instagram photo of them in the studio. Is there collaboration on the way? Hmmm let’s wait and see? Like we all  know he was recently in Belgium then London and now Paris is Davido getting artists from the European Scene on his E.P? We’re not sure but one thing for sure is that Davido’s son of mercy E.P is set to feature various international acts. Throughout the summer we’ve seen him in the studio with the likes of Tinashe, Rae Sremmurd, Young Thug and many more, the EP is surely set to be a banger. Fans can Pre-order the EP on the 30th of September.

Written by Bashir Umar


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