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By Oluwatobi Opusunju

Still on Tagbo’s death, Davido has released the CCTV footage and official statement from his lawyers to counter accusations about his involvement.


The footage, which was released by Davido in a series of posts on his Instagram page, showed the night of the incident.

The deceased in the video seemed intoxicated as he was staggering and quarrelsome with others that were around him. He was then seen being led towards another car while Davido got into his SUV and was driven away.

Similarly, the official statement that was signed by his lawyers, Norrison Quakers also attested to Davido’s innocence in the incident that led to Tagbo’s death. The statement stated that the reports making the rounds, suggesting otherwise were false.

The statement reads in part:

“For the records, we wish to state that our client has not been found culpable for the death of Mr Tagbo Umeike… Our client was also not involved in the untimely death of the deceased, nor did he give any instructions to anyone to ‘dump’ the corpse of Mr Tagbo Umeike anywhere. Further and as a matter of fact, we wish to state that the deceased did not step a foot, even for a second in any of our client’s vehicles on the evening of this sad event.

“Our client maintains that he has not in any way lied about what he knows about the unfortunate incident, neither has his statement to the police been incoherent as unfortunately been presented in the media.

“It is disheartening that the image of our client is being tarnished by mischief makers whose jaundiced publications and statements have had a negative impact on our client’s emotional well-being, family and fan base…

“Our client in honour of the memory of his departed friends has suspended his next few shows and musical engagements.”

However, the autopsy to determine the real cause of the young man’s death is not yet out fully, although reports say that the preliminary result shows that the deceased died of asphyxia which in normal parlance means suffocation.

Reports also have it that a toxicology is being conducted at the moment to detect further if the deceased was poisoned at any time leading to his death.

Read the full statement below:

Davido's statement

Davido's statement

Davido's statement

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