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The clothes in your wardrobe are probably wrinkled but you are too lazy to iron, so sometimes, you just wear them anyway (I do sometimes).

unnamed (62)But other times, it’s not laziness, there may be no power for several days and you are unsure when power will be restored. If you don’t do something quickly, you may await electricity forever and end up wearing rumpled clothes to wherever you are going the following day. It can be embarrassing. Don’t worry. Just read on and use these tips to de-wrinkle your clothes:
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Sprinkle water on clothes and allow to dry

You can spray or sprinkle water on your rough clothes and allow it to dry for like 30 minutes. The creases will automatically disappear. It doesn’t take time. Just ensure that you are not doing this on a Monday morning.

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Use a damp towel

Spread a damp towel on a clean table and place your cloth on the towel. Try to smoothen it with your hands. Then hang to dry.

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Improvise with an iron pot

Boil water in a pot and use it as an iron. You have to be very careful to prevent the water from splashing on your hands or cloth. Obviously, you don’t need to be told to use a nappy to hold the pot’s handle (s).

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Hang wrinkled clothes in the bathroom

Hang your clothes on the shower rod, then shut the bathroom’s windows and door. You can go ahead to take your bath after doing this. The wrinkles will disappear. Regardless, don’t splash water all over your clothes.

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Neatly roll and place under your pillow or mattress

You remember doing this when you were in college. You simply roll or neatly fold your clothes and place them under your pillow or mattress. You should leave it for several hours.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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