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deadpoolSo…Deadpool 2, done and dusted!

And the trailers were a deception! The movie was MAD LIT!

First off, Part one was a huge bar to live up to because well, it was crazy funny and nobody was expecting the craziness that was Deadpool. But this Part 2, though it wasn’t as crazy as the Part 1, it was definitely worth the watch.

Safe to say Deadpool is an insane person.

Sadly, I can’t go all out explaining the craziness because well, Spoilers.

But let me say these:

  1. Who’s the villain? The good guy or the bad guy?
  2. The team he formed? Bunch of crazy people.
  3. There are cameo appearances you might miss if you don’t pay close attention.
  4. Fight scenes? EPIC!
  5. And of course, there’s always a tragedy at awesome movies like this and best believe it’s not what you will be expecting.
  6. And then the hilarious subliminal jabs that make Deadpool well… Deadpool.

Bottom line, you have to watch the craziness that is Deadpool 2 so when you hear people talking about how mad it was, you can also join in the conversation.

Its action packed, bloody and HILARIOUS AF! But don’t take my word for it, go watch it yourself!

Watch a teaser below:

#RockDiva out!

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