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Dear Men, Is It Time To Try Hair Extensions?

Between the season of summer creeping up, on us, and the pandemic reminding us that we only live once,

I truly believe it’s high time we all sink into the spirit of open-mindedness.

When I mention the term, ‘hair extensions’ I’m not just referring to weaves, wigs and poetic justice braids

I’m literally talking about any additional piece of hair you add to your head to enhance your crown.

This could be in form of locks, such as dreadlocks…

or even with twists


and braided cornrows

Decide which style fits your face and if you’re still too shy to finally agree to take the plunge,

be sure to take note of some of your faves in the list, who were first opposed to hair extensions and now cannot do without.


With that being said, comment below with your answer to the question,

will you try hair extensions or are you saying no to trying something different

and stepping outside your comfort zone.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono


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