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Dear Men, Will You Rock A Lace Beard?

I know… yes, I’m back again with another absurd question but just like the matter of hair extensions, I need to know the answer.

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I’ve heard a number of (bitter) males complain that women tend to overdo our beauty enhancements to the point of masking our true identity aka catfishing.

The argument is that females can use makeup, lace wig, nails, etc. to enhance/hide how we truly look.

But slowly, we are entering a world where men are embracing their feminine side more and more; i.e. by using hair extensions, painting their nails, doing pedicures and the likes.

Much like wigs, the lace beards have ben made available to be glued onto the face to look just like the real deal.


So once more I ask, will you try lace beards?

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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