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Igwe 2pac is bringing you High Fashion in the form of his clothing brand


‘Streetwear and leisure wear made in Africa’

Who is Igwe 2pac

Charles Okocha aka Igwe 2pac is mainly known for his achievements in the Nollywood film industry.

Having starred in a number of films

 it was his online personality..

Igwe 2pac

that sky rocketed him to fame.

Particularly the hit skit about Igwe 2pac Deserving Accolades.

Igwe 2pac also doubles as a rapper who prefers to go by the name AMOSHINE

‘This collection was borne out of the desire to impact the country.’

 Speaking to THE NATION Newspaper,

Igwe 2pac expressed the reason behind his collection…

“I was very intentional about creating something that’ll help impact my country and our continent in a positive way!”

Now this is great but unfortunately,

Igwe 2pac doesn’t expatiate on how exactly the clothes will achieve that national impact.

 Does he mean that his designs will revive, celebrate or birth a new culture?

or could he mean that creating NUNU will fill a gap in the Nigerian market?

Maybe NUNU is set to solve an essential need for the country?…

Regardless, there are so many existing streetwear designers and retailers

that I’m intrigued to see what will be different with NUNU.

What to expect from NUNU

Comfort, style and premium quality.

(NUNU Tracksuit in Red)


(NUNU Tracksuit in Black)

On the 1st of April, he addressed the NUNU gang

“I hope you all are staying safe and washing your hands during this very critical time. Don’t loose hope, everything will be back to normal in due time. Amen.”


IGWE 2PAC is a man of the people,

therefore he is granting the NUNU gang’s wishes by stocking the brand in their favorite physical and online stores.

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Yall Stay Corona free fam #nunugang

A post shared by Igwe 2pac (@charles_okocha) on

Let’s talk about the jeans pictured above.

I mean that was a bit of an extreme with the rip on the left thigh.

(I’m curious to know if he actually got into a fight prior to the picture

vs. he just purchased the jeans like that.)

Expect a lot of striped tracksuits, t-shirts and insanely ripped jeans in this collection.

Now once again,

My question IS…

Will you rock clothes designed by Igwe Tupac?

Comment below… I’m dying to know.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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