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By Sarah Oyedo

Hanging at the pool side or the beach is always a good form of relaxation after a stressful week. But it’s much more than that, as swimming is one of the healthiest exercises a person can engage in. Here’s why:

idia aisien

Idia Aisien in @sshhhlingerie Swimwear

Full body workout: Whether you’re swimming a leisurely breaststroke or hammer butterfly, swimming uses every of your muscle thus availing you a full body workout. Also, exercising in water makes your body work harder so 30 minutes in a pool is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on land.

Reduces Stress: Hectic week at work work, looming deadlines or screaming kids, there’s sometimes this point in our lives where we just feel like exploding in tiny splinters. Well, help is waiting. Swimming regularly can lower stress levels, relax your nerves and reduce anxiety and depression.

Burns Stubborn Calories: Swimming is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. 30 mins of gentle swimming will burn calories faster than an hour of walking.

Lowers the risk of diseases: A great form of cardiovascular exercise, swimming just 30 minutes a week can help to guard against heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Low Impact And No Sweat: Swimming is a super low impact exercise as being under water takes for pressure of your muscles. Also, you’ll never feel sweaty no matter how hard you work because the water around you is constantly cooling you down.

So don your hot swimwear and go a-swimming today!

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