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It all started this morning around 3 am when Delta Air, the world’s second largest airline announced that they were experiencing major power outages causing their systems all over the world to shut down (I personally can’t imagine getting stuck at the airport for 9hrs especially when no one can really say when their systems will be up- trust me somehow somehow, I am hitchhiking back home)

The airline on Monday announced that all their departing flights had  been ground due to a  global computer system outage. What kills me most about this whole situation is the Delta crew handing out pizza. I WOULD love to see how their Nigerian customers reacted. Cos I’m not sure how other people would react but pizza cannot work to pacify Nigerian customers oh!

The good news is the airline is offering full refunds to passengers whose flights were cancelled and waiving fees for passengers who need to change their plans between today and August 12th – we can’t even begin to imagine how much that all cost.

See below pictures of how passengers are managing the crisis-

Crowded airport with people waiting

Delta Airlines giving out pizza

People sleeping in the airport


What do you think about this whole thing? If you were one of the stranded customers, would the pizza thing have made you feel better or worse?

Written by Kike Olowu

Images: Skynews

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