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There is nothing better than self-love and Demi Lovato is fully practising this.

The singer shared a picture of the beautiful flowers she sent to herself on her Instagram page alongside a lovely note that reads “You’re beautiful, you’re loved and you’re worthy of a happy and healthy life,”

She also captioned the photo; “Cause sometimes you gotta send yourself flowers…”


This is most likely her way of moving on after breaking up with her boyfriend, Henry Levy.

The two were first linked together romantically in November 2018 just a few months after she returned from rehab.

According to E! News, a source revealed to them that they broke up because Demi’s family were all against their relationship as they thought it was too early for her to be in one.

“Demi and Henry decided to split because none of her family members approved of her getting into a relationship so quickly and wanted her to focus on herself and her health. Demi felt distracted and overwhelmed, and wanted to take a breather and truly get healthy,”

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