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The Nigeria Police Force had earlier promised to deploy not less than 26,000 officers to Ondo State for the upcoming governorship election to maintain peace and order during the voting exercise.

It is however reported that, thousands of police officers deployed to maintain peace and order during Saturday’s gubernatorial election in Ondo State, are stranded at several locations across the state.

The police officers are reported to have been deployed from other states including Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti and Officers from other states are still being expected.

It is also reported that, each of these states contributed 500 personnel each, who arrived the state on since Sunday.

The deployed police officers have complained that the police leadership made no provision for their welfare.

Premium Times have reported that, some of the officers who spoke on the condition of anonymity on Tuesday night, said the police in the state were made aware of their deployment several months ago, ytq they failed to make adequate preparations for them.

“We are in serious trouble here,” an officer said. “You see policemen passing the night in the open and being unable to feed.”

They also complained that they had to improvise with makeshift tents, and they have no access to proper sanitation and could barely keep their electronic devices on as there are no places to charge their batteries.

One of them said, “I had to call my old friend in Jos to send me loan me N10, 000 for me to even be able to survive,” the officer said. “But he was only able to transfer N8, 000 which I immediately withdrew from the ATM.”

According to the officer, he slept in a guesthouse that charged N1, 200 per night in the state.

“You know the kind of service they will offer in such a place,” he said. “How can they expect us to properly monitor elections when we’re not even properly fed or get good sleep?”

It was also reported that the Police spokesman, Don Awunah, who was contacted, confirmed theshe complaints.

“Yes, we’re aware at the headquarters that they have not been paid,” Mr. Awunah said. “But we implore them to take it easy as the Inspector-General is working on their finances.”

“They will start receiving payment alert before the election begins in four days since we already have their personal accounts.”




As regards how much they would be receiving as per their services, the officers said they don’t know how much they will likely get for participating in the election.

“Nobody told us how much we would be paid or when,” an officer said.

They however assured they will do their best.

“This is a service to the motherland,” an assistant superintendent of police said. “We will do what we can and leave those responsible for this suffering we’re going through to posterity.”

Written by Ezinne Okolo

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