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So a couple of weeks back, I shot my shot with some guy on Twitter (His name shall not be mentioned), and surprisingly, the shot entered. So we went on a date, had drinks, talked for a really long time; there was no awkward silence, it was a great date, I genuinely had a good time.


After the date, the guy (let’s call him Tola) and I started talking on Twitter, we talked a lot, from family to past relationships to future jobs, we talked about everything. And of course, sometimes when you talk to someone everyday, and you guys click, one person will start to catch feelings, and obviously, I was the one that started catching feelings *Tears* like I legit started looking forward to our conversations, whenever something interesting happened, he’s the first person I would want to tell, I’d send him funny tweets (this is when I knew that I had entered a dangerous zone) because I wasn’t even sure he felt the same way.


So sometime last week, I invited him to go bowling with me (A.K.A second date) and he said yes. So we were discussing it yesterday and somehow I mentioned that I was the one paying for both of us (obviously because I’m the one that initiated the date) but he refused to allow me pay for both us. He asked if I was generally this nice to everyone or just to him and I said I’m nice to everyone. He then goes on to say that he doesn’t want to take advantage of me (This is how I confirmed that he didn’t feel the same way) and that he didn’t deserve my niceness and so on and so forth and I told him not to stress and that I knew I was taking a big emotional risk by liking someone who doesn’t like me back (I don’t know what the hell made me say that) and then he apologized and  said that maybe as time goes on things might change and his feelings for me might change ( we all know that’s a lie people say not to hurt our feelings). Anyway, my heart broke.

Oh lawad

Somehow somehow the conversation moved to him telling me that he didn’t want to get into any relationship now (No surprise there) because he’d be travelling for masters soon and he doesn’t want to get into anything serious because he doesn’t do long distance. (Even though I wasn’t necessarily looking for anything serious at the moment, but I guess he was also talking about the possible future) I said okay and that’s fine and then we went back to talking about bowling.

So the question here is: Do I just forget about my feelings for Tola and just remain friends with him or do I still keep my hopes up?

Among all the guys I’ve been talking to (hey don’t judge me; it’s not good to keep all your eggs in one basket) he’s the one I liked the most and the one I clicked with the most. So what do I do guys?

What Do I do

-Diary of a Lagos Millennial

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