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I’m sure every lady has thought about her dream man; what he would look like, how he would act, the kind of stuff he would believe in…yeah I think about my “dream man” all the time. I think about the kind of man I deserve. You know at weddings, when people say “God created you specially for me”, yeah that’s the kind of man I think about, the one that God has created specifically for me.  What kind of man would he have to be? What makes him my “dream man”?


My dream man has to first of all believe in gender equality, if he believes that one gender is superior to the other then he’s cancelled, if he believes in gender specific roles, he’s cancelled,  if he believes that wives should be submissive to their husbands, he’s cancelled and if he believes that women are created from men because Eve was created from Adam, he’s cancelled because he’s dumb!

My dream man will NOT abbreviate texts!!! I can’t believe that in 2019 people are still abbreviating texts!! what is that! How can we be texting and you’ll say “xup wit u” (I cringed while typing that), if you’re too lazy to type in full then that says everything about you. And while we’re on the topic if you can’t differentiate between “I’m” and “Am” we can’t be together. My dream man speaks perfect grammar, has good diction and good enunciation. (I know this might sound a bit too extra but i’m extremely attracted to men who are well spoken).

Moving on, my dream man should do the little things; for example, i like flowers (yes, i’m cliche like that), i would love to receive flowers at work from my dream man someday. I like being taken on intimate creative dates that show that some thought was put into the planning of the date. Something you should know about me is that i’m a hopeless romantic. When it comes to displaying my love and affection for my partner, i’m super extra, i go above and beyond especially when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries; I note the things that you like and I use that to blow your mind away. I pay attention to the small things too, the little acts that make you happy. I’m the kind of person that would send you doughnuts to your office just to surprise you. Or surprise you with food when you’re down (note that I’m not the one that cooked the food, i don’t cook). But yeah the whole point of me rambling and talking about how I’m a hopeless romantic, is to emphasize that, I want someone who would do the same for me. I want my own hopeless romantic.

My dream man, would understand that I have anxiety and bipolar disorder (Not a lot of people know this, but i’m trying to be open and honest). He would understand that sometimes I worry about the smallest things that might not seem so important to him and he should understand that all I need at that moment is first, his attention, then re-assurance. He would know that anxiety attacks are serious, and not just say “you’ll be fine”. My dream man would understand that there are times when my mood changes for no just reason, days when i’m not in the mood and i have low motivation, and days when i’m super happy and energetic. He would understand bi-polar disorder is not a disease.

My dream man will not make me feel insecure about my body, I’ve dated guys who have made me feel terrible about being a big girl. My dream man would make me feel comfortable in my own skin. (Even though, I’m not supposed to rely on anybody to boost myself esteem and to make me feel comfortable about my body,i know that. But i’m saying it would be good to have a man who loves my body the way it is, and doesn’t try to change it)

I can go on and on, the list is a bit longer than this, but the summary of all this is that he has to be a good person who knows and understands me and complements me.

BY THE WAY, If you have all these qualities and you think you might be might dream man, kindly send your girl a DM on instagram @diaryofalagosmillenial,*wink wink* . This single life is getting tiring abeg.

Till next time, Diary Of A Lagos Millennial

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