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Someone really has to tell all these media and celebrity influencers and motivational speakers to shut up.

You go for a programme that reads at the door, “Envision 2018, You can be it if you see it.” I am sorry if there is one that goes by this, but it is bullshit. Y’all have got to stop lying to us.


Hardwork and dreams alone do not cut it. You need someone to believe in you, you need someone to think you are worth watching or listening to and it is not always your determination that will drive the top guns to do so. It’s luck, an inkling or just the goodness of their heart (the bosses that will take on your project).

I have gone for a number of these seminars. You wait for about 2 hours, thanks to the African time curse, when the event eventually starts, our guest speaker(s) climb on stage and it’s the child of the popular multi- millionaire that has sucked our nation dry. They introduce him, He has his Bachelors in one of the best schools in Chicago or maybe California, he has come to tell us how he persevered despite life’s hard challenges. I am touched.

I know that I am privileged. No, I don’t have a million dollars sitting on a shelf for me somewhere but life has been kind. It doesn’t always serve chicken, but it’s not always rotten beans either. With a good education, a support system and the opportunity to dream, it will be foolish for me to tell a boy living on the streets, “You can make it, just believe.”

It is important for him to believe, but it is equally important that he finds someone that would believe in him and take him off the streets, give him an environment that will enable his dreams become a reality. Don’t compare yourselves with people who are not privileged enough to have the kind of exposure that you have.

These seminars should teach people how to fish, train and mentor these youths. The fact that we came for your seminar in the first place, shows we have a hunger for success. Don’t bore us with your motivational talks and give references of your problems and how you conquered them, we can’t relate!

Stop telling us to work hard and believe, rather, take a chance on us as someone took a chance on you- be it your parents, teachers, whoever, someone took a chance on you. Bricklayers work hard too.

Some of these speakers will tell you to “Network”, while they make themselves unavailable. “Oshi!

By Tobee Awosika

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