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Can I have my childhood back? Children enjoy the holidays best!

I remember the days of free vacations, all I had to do was tag along with my parents. The days of receiving lots of gifts, games and toys for being the cute child the whole family loved (I am still a boy and I want those games).

My Uncles and Aunties would come over to our house to chow our rice and pay us back by giving me gifts. Now I am the big uncle who has to take gifts when I go to other people’s houses to celebrate Christmas. I have to think of what gifts to buy; you know the ones nice enough to look expensive but affordable enough not to bleed your pocket.

We all love this holiday period but with it comes retrospect, the holidays of my childhood had nothing to do with that. The plans had to do with which chocolate I would eat that day and at what time, the troubling decisions to make were centred around whether I wanted my brother to have my cookies or what shoes to wear to the fun fair.

In a swish, Adulthood took it all from me.

If you are a kid and you are reading this, enjoy your holiday as much as you can. I am just being whiny, I love the Christmas and New Year season, I mean there’s little or no work to do. Have fun.

By Tobee Awosika

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