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little devilIt’s so easy to blame the other guy for our problems right? I am not judging, I do it too.

I mean how can we be responsible for our own problems? Who chooses “self- sabotage” when there are a lot more self benefiting options available?

I’m usually dropped at home by my neighbours after work. Well on this day I couldn’t go with them, and as a guy who makes sure there’s a second exit before I enter, I was not about to be stranded. Earlier in the day I had decided to skip lunch, it just seemed unreasonable to close from work without any money. Good choice, because if I had not done that, I would have been stranded.

I had to take a public transport home, so I got into one of those “private” cars for public service also known as Kabu Kabu- However you choose to pronounce that is left to you.

The road is jammed. I buy plantain chips with what I’ll have left when I pay the fare (born out of hunger and entertainment). With the unmoving traffic, it was going to take a while. I took out my phone and opened the book I had been reading for sometime, Keith Ferrazzi’s “Never Eat Alone.” (Great book. You have to read it, don’t waste the mention). After a couple of pages I finally decided it was best to take a  nap, might aid a little with the 8 hours sleep time I never reach.

When my eyes open, something’s off. The sky is darker and the area isn’t right. WE WERE FAR PAST MY BUS STOP!  How on earth had that happened? I was only out for what seemed like 10- 15 minutes. Was I drugged, jazzed or something?  Perhaps these people were trying to kidnap me. My bus stop is not one that just has one person alighting and everyone was still in the car. My mind is trying to process what in hell’s name is happening but the damn driver’s still driving.  We pass one more bus stop before I can finally tell him to stop. I hand over the fare to the driver but then he tells me the fare had increased (the former one had expired with my bus stop). I add an extra N50  with a “na all I get be that,” he takes it and I am out. At this bus stop I have no idea how I am going to get home, ain’t got no money.

sad man

Awon people yi ma get mi sha.

So this is how people end up begging on the road for transport fare. Apparently not every beggar is a scam.

I shall not beg in Jesus name! I rummage through my back, front, side pockets, wallet, everything. Praise be the Lord. the devil did not win, I shall not be disgraced. I find a hundred naira note. The exact fare it would take to my bus stop, the long walk from home from there is very much doable I never put all my money in my wallet as a precaution and it served well this time.

I am walking home now and I am wondering what could have happened, there was traffic, there was no way I could have slept through it enough to miss three bus stops. Did God just save me from a kidnap and why did so much relating to me being stranded have to happen that day? Someone had definitely jinxed my day and God being a faithful one had disgraced them.

Well, we all get like that. I realised sleeping in the car is one of my  habits. To and Fro I do this and it’s no devil’s fault. It’s a habit I had grown, one that almost put me in trouble.

Most times there’s a logical  explanation to your faults. We are Africans, we know about some people’s diploma in binding destinies at witching hours, but not every failure is from your village. Sometimes we are our own problems. No one has spelled you if you have a habit of laziness, gluttony and being inconsistent. It’s 2019, let’s start taking responsibility for our failures.

Oh, my manners! Happy New Year guys. I love you and have a prosperous year. Best wishes!

By Tobee Awosika

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