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Everyone’s been having fun with this new challenge Kizz Daniel started. Your favourite drama-loving celebrities couldn’t let the opportunity pass, and there are those folks desperate for any attention they can get – we won’t mind these oversabis today.

kizz daniel

Two things for me became evident with the challenge.

One – Some of your beloved celebrities are really bitter people and I feel sorry for them.

The second is, some of these people should have never been in the industry in the first place, and this is not just about them being children throwing tantrums and getting angry over another’s success, but also because they don’t have talent (at least in music).

I’m sitting here wondering how on earth these people got to ever see the stage talk less of being on it. Some of the stuff I heard from the challenge will haunt me for days – they were that bad.

It is funny and no actual surprise that some of the people calling out esteemed celebrities with the line “you granted sexual favours for your money” (I know nobody uses that line. Well, you wouldn’t want me to be censored, would you?), are just touts or washed versions of a Black American gangster (they are trying desperately to be one.) Why I decided to say that I don’t know, perhaps that’s my fvck you challenge (lol).

I just think sometimes we should stop whining about how some other guy seems to have everything put together and we don’t. Many times we don’t see the process, only the product. These folks really work their ass off (I command every dirty mind to conform.)

Yup, life is unfair and there are and will always be someone out there who does far less work but gets the fattest check when it’s pay time. True, they might be servicing some Daddy or Aunty somewhere (that’s not crude, is it?) in exchange for the big and flashy cars but what are you going do about it? You sure as hell can’t sit in your house and just rant.

It’s either you work harder or you find your own sugar Uncle. You are responsible for your own life. And sometimes I think people should start considering the fact that perhaps they are just not good enough and need to work harder.

The bitter folks directly calling out the high and flying celebrities in the challenge were not half as good as they believe. They were wack, at least the ones I heard, and this is not because I was taking sides with a celeb, I really don’t care. You can’t always hide under your dope music producers, we are seeing you guys and your talents for who you really are now.

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