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Sometimes I feel like this fitfam life isn’t for me. I recently decided to start going back to the gym and my biggest fear right now is that I would give up at some point, because that’s what always happens; I start, then I stop, then I start again. And by the time I’m starting again I would have gained all the weight I lost, like right now; I checked my wight yestaerday and I couldn’t believe what i was seeing on the scale! How?? Me?? What??

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I was shocked and disappointed that I allowed myself to get to this level! Me that had a goal at the beginning of the year that I was going to get #DecemberBody 2019 (I didn’t want to put myslef under pressure by doing summer body, I wanted to give myself enough time) But look at me now, I can’t even fit into most of my clothes and I’ve refused to buy new clothes and get rid of my old ones because I’ve decided to use those as motivation to lose weight.

This weightloss thing ehn, It’s not easy at all. And it can lead you to doing the most extreme things just so that you  can achieve your dream body. The most annoying thing is that it’s so easy for people to tell you to love your body and be confident, *Bleep* that you think it’s that easy? Like I would just close my eyes and *BAM* I love my body. Sometimes it’s easier to just lose the weigh then get the body you can actually love. I used to get upset when people said, if you don’t like your body then do something about it. I thought it was easier said than but honestly, that’s the truth. If you don’t like your body, work hard to get the body that you like, it’s not easy obviously but if it’s really what you want, you’ll work for it. It’s like your dream job/career, if you really want that job, you’ll work for it eventhough it’s not easy.

Lol it’s funny that i’m the one saying all of this, the fat girl who still struggles to go to the gym, how about you listen to your own advice, Dammy! Anyhoooo so I’ve restarted my gym journey, I plan to be going to the gym Mondays-Wednesdays because I need Thursdays and Friday nights to focus on career goals.

Do you struggle with achieving your weight loss goals too? Let’s me know in the comments and let’s discuss.

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Diary of a Lagos Millennial

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