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Written by Clement Oluwasegun

Superstar Afrobeat diva, Tiwa Savage has opened up her struggle and fearless determination to succeed.

In a recent interview, She shared short stories regarding her journey to fame.

The ‘All Over’ crooner said:

“Initially my dad was like “okay, what do you want to do?” Of course I responded music. He saw this as more of a hobby and something you do in church on Sundays rather than a full time career.

“I didn’t blame him for thinking this way because music is an unstable career; you can be really big today and fall off tomorrow. Deep down I knew he was looking out for my interests. My brothers have always been my support from day one and my mum also. Needless to say, my dad is now my number one fan!

“Before starting a full time career in music I got a degree in Business – That way, I kept my dad happy and I always had something to fall back on! Once I started doing backup vocals, my parents saw how much work I was putting in – all night rehearsals, and full time at the studio – I began appearing on more singles, and on TV and suddenly they were like ‘We can’t stop this girl!’

“If you had told me that I would be on this journey with my son, I wouldn’t have believed you. But you know we can multi-task – as women we are built for it – god has created us for this!

“I don’t travel all the time with him – I have a balance and I’m still learning. Having a strong support system is key – I would be lying if I said I did all on my own. My label mates are also extremely supportive.”

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