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The WAP video is out and yes! Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B just used their individual style to pass across a message of female empowerment.

The album cover


For the WAP album cover, we see the two ladies showcase their ample rear ends whilst dressed in none other than slinky thongs, beehive coiffes,

accessories fit for a queen with street cred and on their feet- stripper heels


DISCLAIMER: All photos are explicit and RATED R

Other outfits involved in the music video were just as explosive.

The mega female rap artists collaborated and coordinated their outfits throughout the video for their hit song WAP.

(In my opinion, the whole video was a direct ode to Lil Kim who is the true queen of rap and rate R outfits)

The Raunchiest looks from WAP

Kollin Carter (Cardi’s Stylist) and EJ King (Meg’s Stylist) successfully transformed the females into felines

with miniature cover-ups such as nipple rings, bottoms that complement their curves

For accessories, we saw layered jewelry and empowering harnesses.

Who else jumped on the WAP female empowerment train?

We saw Normani who paid homage to Naomi Campbell with her outfit

Rosalia who was red hot in a sexy ensemble


And surprise, surprise Kylie Jenner –

who showcased ample cleavage in cheetah print like that of Cardi’s


Not to forget up and coming rap artist Rubi Rose

The message is clear

It’s our body and we can do what we like…

Comment below if they achieved female empowerment

or if they went a tad overboard.

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