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It’s that time of the year again. The most dreaded time in every student’s life. Exam time!!!


Dreaded as it may be, it is unavoidable, despite all our prayers that exams should be skipped and the semester should just come to an end abruptly or with something more fun than exam.

Of course, it’s no news that every school is filled with different characters and how they react/ behave during exams.

Unilag in itself is definitely not void of these characters. Below is a list of the kinds of people you’ll find during exam period:


  1. The librarians: These are the students who open with the library and close with it. A lot of the people in this category go from the library to the exam hall and come back to the library to read for the next paper. They know how to make the rest of us seem unserious and we appreciate it a lot, especially since thanks to these guys, a lot of us tend not to find space in the library when we finally muster the courage to visit the building.

study at night

  1. The ‘overnight’ guys: First things first, overnight is referred to as the act and ability to stay up and read off your bed (because we don’t know who these ones are deceiving). It mostly occurs in classrooms, reading rooms or cold floors.

This category has been split into two for the sake of those who would want to be able to relate.

  1. The ones who actually go there to read: these are the ones some of us aim to be like, they go for overnight with the plan to read for a designated period of time and they actually achieve this plan, wide-eyed. Our ever serious students, we hail thee.
  2. The ones who go there for reasons other than reading: then there are the guys who go there to cause trouble, sleep, check out the opposite sex, make friends, chew gums loudly, take selfies, scatter books all over the table and pack them back once its 5am without even opening them, make out, talk loudly, watch movies and pack their bags once its 5am.


  1. The chilled guys: This category is filled with students who don’t even stress – the ‘I can’t come and go and kill myself guys’ because they act according to what their head can carry. These are the ones that would sometimes read in the comfort of their privacy and comfort and act like they don’t even have notes. To you, they would seem unserious but to them they’re not just as serious as you want them to be.


  1. The really ‘chilled’ guys: These are the ones that already know their fate from the beginning of the semester. The classroom is not their friend so why should an exam hall be? Lots of people in this category don’t even have notes but they manage to always pass at the end of the semester. Isn’t that what school is all about?

party ladies

  1. The turn-up/ hangover guys: Exams can never stop these guys from having all the fun they want because ‘who exam epp?’ This set of people know how to make exams look stupid. They go out to turn up like it’s their last and come in the next morning, most times to exam halls as the case may be, hungover, make up smeared and totally wasted to write their exams. They always have a plan, I promise.


  1. The ones who have never visited the library: This set of people do not even know what the library looks like on the inside and for reasons best known to them, they may end up not entering the library till they graduate, but they will graduate.


  1. The ones who have no plans to even leave school: These ones are just here to occupy space. This category do not know why they are in school but they just know they are in school. Year after year, we keep seeing them taking the same courses but what can we do?


  1. The askers: This category is filled with people who have made plans from the beginning of the release of the time table to ask during exams. They can also double up as the copy cats, in case they ask and you don’t answer. Surprisingly, their eyesight is always lit.


  1. The ones who give up before they even start: This category has people who already know that they can’t ‘come and go and die’ so they don’t bother at all. These ones always say ‘I’m sitting beside you during exam’ but it most time passes off as ‘whining’. If only you knew.


  1. The ones who surprise us with their results at the end: This category has the most underestimated set of people in it. Everyone feels, ‘oh, they’re going to fail. See the way they’re playing’ and bam!! They actually surprise us by either passing to shock everyone or failing woefully beyond everyone’s expectations.

Mention someone that falls in any of these categories.

Written by Osas Irianele

IG: virtuousi, osaas_

Twitter: vee_e_

Facebook: Virtuous Irianele

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