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By Oludara Ogunbowale

Oludara OgunbowaleHave you ever been to a party that had all decorations wonderfully done and you looked around and everything that could make the planning and party excellent had a check just right in front of them on the list in your mind until you noticed that there were no toilets provided? How about a very good office space with very a stuffy and offensive smell?

Remember that girl that you really liked and prayed hard to have a conversation with only to hear her say ‘Hello’ and what oozed after, only you can explain it. I am not even going to talk much about the guy who talks about what to do so much that he does not take as much care to do that which he has committed to.

I know we have heard this countless times but here is why little things must be taken seriously.

Life and Death

Ask Doctors and they would tell you how every second counts especially when in the Operating Room. Crossing the road and not looking left, right and then, left like we were taught in primary school, has cost some people their lives.  If you have witnessed this kind of situation, you would know that there is a thin line between the life that we live in right now and the other side! Even if we all cannot always get things right, as much as is within our power, we must take care to take seriously how we are not negligent or assuming in making sure things are right.

They set you apart

When you see two vendors (caterers for example) who offer same services or products, even when both services are top-notch, I bet you would rather engage the one who does not forget to bring in tooth picks and serviettes, especially if her product has attractive packaging! Some people did not get their desired jobs because they did not polish their shoes. Do not be surprised. You need to ask a lot of employees their interview stories.

little things matter

You earn people’s trust and recommendation

I am not delving into political issues right now but the fact that Obama used to make formal addresses to Americans during any crisis situation of national concern, made people trust in his heart of service. We have been thrown into sadness with the Jos Killings these past few days and no leader has made any formal address to Nigerians, I just shake my head and say little things like holding a press conference and talking about it show lots of care!

Very important criterion for success

We all have to be intentional about our moves. We have to acquire knowledge and seek platforms for the practice of knowledge acquired daily. Having the patience to sit down and outline short term and long term goals matter. I once heard at a conference that those who write down their plans and do not follow through are actually more successful than those who do not write down their plans at all.  It is really not about the writing. It is about just going the extra mile to write. Go further. Do little extra. It could make all the difference that you need.

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