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James Clapper, the U.S director of National Intelligence who spoke before a congressional panel yesterday, stated “I submitted my letter of resignation last night which felt pretty good.”

The resignation does not come as a surprise, as all members of an outgoing administration are expected and must step down for a new administration to fill the vacancies with its own officials.

It is therefore safe to say that , Clapper has done the needful, although it is coming 64 days earlier than expected.

However the Intelligence Chief has also said, ”I’ve got 64 days and I’d have a pretty hard time with my wife going past that ,’ which connotes that he would be completing his term till the end of Obama’s administration.

This was also confirmed by a spokesperson from the office of the director of National Intelligence who said, ”Clapper signed his letter as required by all appointed administration officials, but is finishing out his term.”

Clapper has served in his capacity as Director of National Intelligence for six years. He also worked for the U.S air force and the Defence Intelligence Agency before his appointment as Director of National Intelligence.

Analysts have said that, the action of Clapper is a signal to the Trump administration, that they need to speed up the transition.


Written by Okolo Ezinne

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