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Last night, these two bouncers didn’t let me in the club. I wasn’t surprised actually because they had a certain arrogance about them over what I would term as menial things. I’d say they were petty.
They had access to, what they thought was, a “paradise” and they refused to give me a wristband. Their reason was that I could only get a wristband if I bleached my skin, if I tore open my heart from my chest and handed it to them for a feast.
And that’s the kind of world we live in today. We have vampires walking in the daylight. They have smiles on their faces but they mean you intense harm. They want to change you, cut you up into tiny little pieces and re-assemble you just as they want – for themselves. They don’t want you to live for you anymore; they want you to be under their control.
So, what happened next? I started a fight. I pulled out my key holder and scratched their silly faces. I know violence isn’t the answer but sometimes you just have to rip off the band-aid and free yourself from oppression. I looked them squarely in the face and you know what they did? – They cowered it in shame. They ran away scared because they had no idea what might I possessed.
This whole experience made me think though. Is it okay to be yourself? I say – “Of course it is!” but there are loads of people that disagree with me. Do I really have to start bleaching to join the in crowd? And, when that’s happened – will my melanin girls still recognize me? Is this peer pressure?
It’s crazy how you join a group of friends and they all want you to change but if you do, your worth goes out the window. What then?
Written by John Noble