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Fashion is about showing the world that you are peculiar. It is about personality and uniqueness. Sometimes it gets worrying when your personality doesn’t give people a sense of who you are. Personal style has to be one you are comfortable with and best reflects you. Here is a way to discover that personal style.

First, you have to research. You may not have gotten some divine revelation of what you are. Check out different styles of people or celebrities and pick out the one that you think resonates with you.  Different aspects can influence you to incorporate some into your own personal style.
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Make a list, either in your head or even better on a piece of paper, of hobbies and interests that are specific to you, and then put a circle around a few that you’d like to convey to others. Think about your taste and how they can affect your style. For instance, if you love country music, you can choose to add boots to your own look. Make sure your interests are what you really want to be part of your style and not just influenced by what you think is cool.

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Do research on what kind of clothes or accessories are worn by people that have the same interest as you. This can give you a clearer view of what direction to go in. You may not like everything you see. Just pick out the ones you are interested in and add a little personal choice to it. You will end up with a unique look devoid of the generalization of those of the same interest.

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Go back into your closet and check how much of the new interest clothes you have. Feel free to shop for more if you don’t have enough (they could be from a second-hand store). When you have gotten the clothes of your choice, start expressing your personal style straight away. Don’t forget that your best look is confidence.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Images: onehowto.com, stayathomemom.com.au, dangerous842.rssing.com

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