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Disney is officially launching its streaming service in December. Disney will offer a bundle package of its three streaming services, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+  for $12.99 (a little under N5000) a month starting on November 12th.Although it is unclear when it’ll launch in Nigeria, Disney however says it will eventually launch in international markets. Disney expects its new service will have 60 to 90 million global subscribers by 2025. By that point, Disney plans to be investing more than $2 billion on original programming.

Much of Disney+’ original programming leans into the company’s big-budget franchises. Its Marvel original shows, for example, are going to be closely knitted into the storylines that play out in the big-screen features

The company already has four live-action series featuring the stars of its blockbuster Avengers movies in their own shows: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in fall 2020; a Loki series featuring Tom Hiddleston in spring 2021; WandaVision with Elizabeth Olsen in her role of Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany reprising The Vision in spring 2021; and a Hawkeye series in fall 2021, starring Jeremy Renner and featuring Kate Bishop.

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