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So we all just got back from the Easter break and while many had fun, others rested and others, well, did stuff.

Anyway, moving away from the traditional Easter eggs, we are bringing you colourful egg candles.

We all love to eat eggs. It is nutritious and tasty. Yeah. However, there is more you can do with eggs beyond just eating. One of them is making colourful candles. You can use these beautiful candles to light up your home or have a romantic dinner with your bae. Here’s how:

colourful eggs easter

Supplies required


Soy wax

Candle wicks

Crayon (optional)

Essential oils (Lavender)

–Step 1

Carefully crack the eggs and pour the content onto a plate (you may want to fry it later). Then peel off the shell until the hole is big enough to pour in some wax.

unnamed (72)

–Step 2

You can purchase different wax colours at the market. Alternatively,  you can use crayons. If you are using crayon, you should cut them into small pieces and put them in the soy wax. Then melt them by placing them in a pot of boiling water. After they have melted, you should add essential oil for fragrance and stir to allow the wax, fragrance and crayon to mix properly.

unnamed (73)

–Step 3

Dip the wick in melted wax and pass it through the eggshell to the bottom. Let the wax dry so as to allow the wick stick.

colourful eggs easter

–Step 4

After the wax mixed with the crayon and fragrance is a bit cool, pour it into the eggs and allow it to solidify or thicken. You can peel off the remaining egg shells. If you like you can also design your egg candles in any beautiful patterns of your choice.

colourful eggs easter

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Written By Damilola Faustino

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